KUGLASS® Bullet Resistant Glass

KUGLASS® Bullet Resistance Glass, the world's most stable bullet resistant glass. Using the latest Ultimate Polyethylene Plus (UP+) Technology to laminated the multi-layer of glass pane with Polycarbonate sheet by vacuum press, such manufacturing greatly improve the durability and weathering resistance, as well as the defects of yellowing and de-lamination.

New Bullet Resistance Technology
KUGlass® Bullet Resistant Glass using the Latest Ultimate Polyethylene Plus (UP+) Technology and could absorbed several times shot ballistic from both far and close distance. The bullet will be frozen once reach to the glass, not bounce.

The Ultimate Polyethylene Plus (UP+) Technology will grab all glass fragments, there won't be glass fragments both outside and inside

Glass Configuration

KUGLASS® Bullet Resistant Glass - Anti Reflection Model. The best choose for boutique, jewelry or silver Store, could clearly displayed products to consumers and in addition to prevent the wrong behavior from bad people.
KUGLASS® Bullet Resistant Glass - Energy Saving Model. Increase the efficiency of the heat insulating and sound insulating and so other function, meet all your need at once.


KUGLASS® Bullet Resistant Glass provide 10 years warranty. (Excluding Artificial Damage)

Model MK1MK2MK3 MK4
Thickness 13mm 14.5mm 19mm 25mm
Configuration 5mm + 3mm PC + 5mm 5mm + 4.5mm PC + 5mm 6mm + 8mm PC + 5mm 5mm + 15mm PC + 5mm
Resistant Level NIJ 0801.01 Level Ⅰ NIJ 0801.01 Level ⅡA NIJ 0801.01 Level Ⅱ NIJ 0801.01 Level ⅢA
Impact Resistant (Joules) 780 1411 1975 3330
Function Force Entry, Bullets Resistant Force Entry, Bullets Resistant Force Entry, Bullets Resistant Force Entry, Bullets Resistant
Glass pricing: 30 x 30cm = 1 counting unit. The size of any single glass is less than 5 counting unit, the price of the glass will be counting by 5 counting unit.
Go through the rigorous testing, Quality Assurance.

Ballistic Resistance Testing

The KUGLASS® Bullet Resistant Glass were positioned 5 meters from the muzzle of the barrel to produce zero (0°) degree obliquity impacts.
Penetrations were determined by visual examination of the 0.5mm aluminum alloy witness plate, placed 15.5cm behind and parallel to the glass to test if the bullets break through the glass and hit the aluminum plate.

Worldwide Certificate

Passed the H.P. White Laboratory ballistic resistance testing, pass the Armaments Bureau, TAIWAN MND bullets resistance test and pass SGS weatherability test.

Danger! 普通玻璃無任何防護作用

Weatherability Database

Pass SGS weatherability test.

Properties Unit KUGLASS® Test Method
Physical Property Density g/cm³ 0.95 ASTM D1505
UP+ Film Thickness mm 0.4 / 0.6 / 0.8
Glass transition temperature,Tg -28 DSC
Melting temperature 72 DSC
Water absorption*1 % <0.1
Mechanical Property Tensile strength kg/cm² >100 ASTM D638
Elongation rate % <1000 ASTM D638
Ball drop test (1040g steel ball, 1.2m height)temperature,Tg Qualified JIS R 3205
Impact test (45kg, 48cm height) Qualified JIS R 3205
Optical Property Visible light transmittance*2 % >85 ASTM D1003
UV cut wavelength*2 nm 370 ASTM D1003
Haze*2 % <1 ASTM D1003
Weather Durability Boil test(100℃, 2hr) Appearance No change JIS R 3205
Transmittance %
Haze %
UV test 15kW*hr(280~385nm) +5kW*hr(280~320nm) Appearance No change IEC 61215
Transmittance %
Haze %
Temperature cycling test (-40℃,10min~85℃,10min)x 340 cycle Appearance No change IEC 61215
Transmittance %
Haze %
Damp heat test (50℃,RH95%) x 4 Weeks Appearance No change ISO 12543
Transmittance %
Haze %
Immersion test (Room temperature)
1. Water (12 Months) Appearance No change KUGLASS®
Transmittance %
2. Saline water 5% NaCl (12 Months) Appearance No change KUGLASS®
Transmittance %
3. Acid solution (pH=4.3) (12 Months) Appearance No change KUGLASS®
Transmittance %
*1: 85℃,RH85%,6hr
*2: (3+3)mm clear glass + 0.4mm film

KUGLASS® excellent water resistance
(immersion into normal temperature saline water test)

Laminated Technology Comparison

KUGLASS® using the latest adhesive thin film technology, Ultimate Polyethylene Plus (UP +). This technology has excellent bonding strength to each material.

Bonding Strength EVA PVB KUGLASS®(UP+)
Glass 1.8 1.3 6.1
PET Film 1.9 0.1 5.1
PC Sheet 1.1 -- 2.7
Stainless Steel 0.2 -- 1.8

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